Summer 2018 Reading List

Weather you are they type of person who likes to listen to books or read them reading is a perfect cure for summer bordem. Visit your local book store or library and pick up these books so you can read along with me this summer! If you have and book recommendations for me leave a comment below I’m always looking for a new good read.

  1. Paper Towns by John Green
  2. Turtles All The Way Down by John Green
  3. Looking For Alaska by John Green (which I’m currently listening to as I am writing this. So far it is really good I totally recommend!)
  4. Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee
  5. Girl On Line by Zoe Sugg
  6. Girl On Line On Tour by Zoe Sugg
  7. Girl On Line Going Solo by Zoe Sugg
  8. The Girls Guide (getting the hang of your whole complicated unpredictable impossibly amazing life) by Melissa Kirsch
  9. Yes Please by Amy Poehler
  10. We Are Called To Rise by Laura McBridge

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